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TMJ Arthroscopy Surgery
Dublin, OH

Xray diagram of temporomandibular joint The jaw joint, known as the temporomandibular joint, can cause discomfort or pain when its alignment becomes disturbed. This misalignment can occur from several causes, including changes to your teeth positioning or a jarring to the joint from an impact such as a fall or hit. The effects of the jaw joint being out of alignment can greatly vary, with some patients in considerable distress and others who find that they can easily ignore the symptoms. Though all patients should be seen and advised, if your symptoms are problematic, consulting an oral surgeon can help, our team at Drs. Scheetz & Rekos: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Ohio can examine, review and make both surgical and non-surgical suggestions dependent on your needs.

TMJ dysfunction can come with a broad range of symptoms; this can include:
•  Trouble Opening and Closing the Jaw: Whether you are feeling a clicking or popping sensation, or if you find it difficult to fully open or close, these TMJ dysfunction symptoms can be distressing. Having difficulty or pain when opening and closing your jaw is problematic, and we would want to evaluate and possibly take measures before the severity increases.
•  A Tired Sensation in the Joint: A common complaint in patients with TMJ dysfunction is a tired sensation in their joint. The muscles are being strained and tight, causing this feeling. This sensation often does not alarm patients, but it is a symptom that something is wrong. Patients should have the area examined before the situation is exacerbated.
•  Jaw Pain, Facial Pain, Headaches: A less obvious symptom of TMJ dysfunction is surrounding facial and head pain. Patients may describe pain in their jaw, brow, ear, neck, and even migraines. This is due to the tension or tightness of the jaw joint.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to take an internal look at the temporomandibular joint. Unlike many oral surgeries, arthroscopy is performed with the patient fully unconscious; we will review your medical history and medications you are taking before treatment. The patient is sedated before surgery to ensure their comfort. We then make a small incision near the ear to create a space to insert the scope. Looking at the jaw joint allows us to determine the next course of action then better. If inflamed tissue is seen during this procedure, we can remove the tissue to release tension and increase comfort. We may also make small adjustments to the alignment at this time if possible. The area is then sutured closed.

Surgical TMJ Dysfunction Methods

Though non-surgical methods are always best to begin treatment with, they can often be insufficient. Oral surgery may be needed. Following your arthroscopy procedure, we may recommend surgical procedures including arthrocentesis, which involves the insertion of small needles, corticosteroid injections, jaw surgery, and open jaw joint surgery. At Drs. Scheetz & Rekos: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Ohio, we will review all of these procedures with you and discuss which treatment is best for your specific situation. TMJ dysfunction can be frustrating and at times difficult to solve, working with an oral surgeon will help you make the best decision.

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