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Corrective Jaw Surgery
Dublin, OH

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Rekos & Border Oral Surgery specializes in making sure all of your oral surgery needs are met with comfort and advanced care. This includes not only tooth based surgeries but also jaw surgeries. Corrective jaw surgery can improve any number of ailments, from misaligned teeth to breathing difficulties (such as sleep apnea). Our experts can help you find the right solution for your needs, so set up a consultation today.

What is corrective jaw surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery is kind of an umbrella term that covers any surgery performed on the jaw to enhance your mouth or throat functionally, rather than cosmetically. While your appearance may be altered, this was not the reason for the surgery. There is a wide range of ailments that can be cured or treated with surgery. Corrective jaw surgery can treat sleep apnea, difficulty chewing or biting (such as with misaligned teeth or a misaligned jaw), headaches, and even birth defects or facial injury.

How does it work?

Corrective jaw surgery realigns your jaw to be in a better position so you can function normally, no matter what affects you. Our office uses a comprehensive 3D scan of your face to ensure that we have every little detail correct when diagnosing and looking for the proper solution. We also use computer visual imaging to show you not only how your individual surgery will work, but what the outcome will be as well.

Our goal is to make sure that your top and bottom teeth line up properly, which indicates that your jaw alignment is also proper. Our years of experience and cutting-edge technology combine to create our outstanding diagnostic ability and a safe and accurate surgical procedure. Jaw surgery can be done from the inside of your mouth rather than going in from the outside. This means no visible scarring that may conflict with your confidence or image.

Whatever you need to have done, whether repairing an under/over/open pit or realigning misaligned teeth, our skilled surgeons will be able to quickly and safely go in and make the changes to your jaw structure, moving the bone as needed. Then, a combination of screws, plates, and wires will hold your new jaw shape in place, allowing it to heal and, over time, integrate fully with the bone. If needed, our surgeon may also require a bone graft to add to and reshape diminished or weak bone.

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Rekos & Border Oral Surgery are dedicated to making your life as easy, safe, and radiant as possible. We take pride in our work and also in our patient’s satisfaction, which is our largest priority. Living with an ailment from a misshapen jaw can be not only life-threatening but embarrassing. If you or a loved one have grown up with a problem that can be solved with jaw realignment or corrective surgery, give us a call today to see what we can offer. We are more than happy to help!
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Corrective jaw surgery can improve any number of ailments, from misaligned teeth to breathing difficulties (such as sleep apnea). Click the link to learn more.
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