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Who Can Get Dental Implants
Dublin, OH

At Rekos & Border Oral Surgery, we offer dental implants as an option for replacing missing teeth. Implants involve a surgical procedure in which we place small titanium rods in your jawbone.

Once placed, it can take several weeks, to several months to heal, but there are numerous benefits that come with implants. Before you can get implants, you must first have a consultation, during which time we will determine if you are a candidate. What makes you a candidate in the first place?

You Are Missing Teeth

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth. This can be due to the teeth falling out on their own, or because your teeth were extracted. Causes of tooth loss not associated with extraction include gum disease, facial trauma, bruxism, smoking, and age.

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Overall Good Health

The procedure for getting dental implants involves surgery. To be considered for surgery, you need to be in good overall health. If you are suffering from gum disease, you must first receive treatment to reverse it. Getting implants while you have gum disease can raise your risk for infection. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, can also impact your ability to get implants. Some health conditions can slow healing, which significantly raises your risk of developing an infection.


Smoking has several impacts on your health, including the health of your mouth. It also restricts oxygen in your blood, along with the blood flow itself. As a result, healing is slowed. Smoking can also cause a condition known as dry socket, in which clots at the surgical sites become dislodged, leaving an open, susceptible area in your gums. All of these factors raise your risk for developing an infection, which can cause the implants to fail. To be considered for implants, you must be willing to quit smoking. If you cannot commit to quitting for good, you must at least be able to quit for a period before surgery as well as during the time it takes for you to heal from surgery.

The Condition of Your Jawbone Matters

Implants are placed into your jawbone. However, for them to successfully fuse with the bone, you must first have enough jawbone to hold them. If you have suffered a bone loss before seeking treatment, you may not have enough bone to do this. Bone loss does not automatically disqualify you from implants. Bone grafts can restore strength to the jawbone, making it suitable for supporting implants.

Can you be too old for implants?

Many patients tend to think that there is an age limit on dental implants. The truth is, you are not too old for implants. If you are missing teeth, and you have sufficient bone mass remaining, you can be considered as a candidate. However, you can be too young for dental implants. Some young people experience tooth loss, often due to sports injuries. However, the jaws of children and teens are still growing, and continue to do so until the late teen years, or even early 20s. Placing implants in undeveloped jaws can impede growth and lead to serious complications. For this reason, implants are reserved only for adults and seniors.

If you are missing teeth, even if it’s only one, implants may be an option for replacement. Contact Rekos & Border Oral Surgery today to schedule your consultation or to learn more about dental implants.

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Who Can Get Dental Implants? | Rekos and Border Oral Surgery
Before you can get implants, you must first have a consultation, during which time we will determine if you are a candidate. What makes you a candidate in the first place?
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