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All-On-4® Procedure
Dublin, OH

Diagram of All-on-4 dental implant procedure At Drs. Scheetz and Rekos: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Ohio, you have options when it comes to replacing teeth after tooth loss. One of those options is dental implants. Implants provide you with a permanent solution to tooth loss. One of their biggest advantages, however, is that they help to preserve the integrity of your jawbone. However, if you have suffered bone loss in your jaw, you may not be a candidate for dental implants, until now. With the revolutionary All-On-4® treatment concept, those who typically would be denied dental implants get the chance to enjoy all that implants have to offer. Here is a look at how they are placed.

The First Step: Your Consultation

As with any restorative procedure, a consultation is required first. This visit helps us to determine if the All-On-4® treatment is right for you. The consultation consists of a visual inspection of your mouth, along with digital imaging. Digital imaging allows us to see exactly what is happening under your gums. We can see the amount of bone loss, and determine the best possible course of action.

The Surgical Procedure

On the day of your surgery, we will ensure that you are made completely comfortable. A local anesthetic is used to numb the surgical sites. Sedation can also be used if you are feeling anxious.

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, we begin by making incisions in your gum tissue, which exposes the bone. We then drill into your jawbone, by the treatment plan made during your consultation. The placement with All-On-4® implants is strategic. Two implants are inserted vertically at the front of your mouth, where there is naturally more bone mass. The other two implants are placed toward the back of the jaw (one on each side) and are inserted at a 45-degree angle. This provides maximum contact with the bone, without compromising your sinus cavities.

After the implants are placed, we stitch your gums closed around the implants, leaving a small amount of the rod visible above the tissue. You are then given a temporary set of teeth to use while you heal.

Post-Surgical Care

Healing can take several weeks to a few months. During this time, your jawbone fuses with the implants through a process called osseointegration, helping them to become stable “roots.” You will be provided with specific aftercare instructions that will inform you how to deal with common post-surgical issues like pain, swelling, and bleeding. It is essential that you rest during your healing phase, limiting your activities (especially during the first few days following surgery). You should eat nutritious, but soft, foods, and maintain a daily oral hygiene regimen. We will monitor your progress, but it is essential that you call if you have any questions or concerns during this phase.

Your Final Restorations

Once you have fully healed, it’s time to start the process for your final teeth. Your temporary teeth are removed. Abutments are placed on the implants. Molds of your mouth are taken. Once your permanent teeth are ready, they are set in place with screws. The result is a beautiful, healthy, fully-functional smile!

If you have suffered tooth loss, and have previously been told you are ineligible for dental implants, you may be a candidate for All-On-4® dental implants. Contact Drs. Scheetz and Rekos: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Ohio today at (614) 764-9455 to schedule your consultation!

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With All-On-4, people who typically would be denied dental implants get the chance to enjoy all that implants have to offer. Click to learn more about the procedure.
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