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What to Do with Lumps in Your Mouth

Posted on 6/23/2018 by Oral & Facial Surgeons of Ohio
Mouth Cysts Rekos & Border Oral Surgery OH 43017-7558Lumps in your mouth are a type of cyst. These are thin, fluid-filled sacs on the inside of your mouth. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) say these are harmless and painless, although they can be annoying.

At Rekos & Border Oral Surgery, we let our patients know that these usually occur on your tongue, gums (known as a epulis), palate, on the inside of your cheeks, on the floor of your mouth (known as a ranula) or around tongue or lip piercings. These will either occur at random or because you've sucked on your lips or cheeks.

Treating Mouth Cysts

When we look at the cyst in your mouth we can tell you for sure what type of treatment you need. The NIH says they'll usually rupture on their own, but if they become uncomfortable or irritated, interferes with your chewing, or doesn't go away in a few weeks we may need to help by using a sterile needle to open the top of the cyst and draining out the fluid, so it'll eventually go away.

There are some times when we'll need to surgically remove the cyst. Usually this is what's recommended when you have a persistent cyst in your mouth. Typically, this is an uncomplicated surgery, but there are the standard risks involved, like with any other surgery - including infection or an adverse reaction to the local anesthesia.

Regardless of any anxiety the cyst may give you, it's important that you get it treated so a permanent bump doesn't form. While these bumps are harmless, you should always call our office and make an appointment when something new forms in your mouth.

We'll examine and evaluate the area, take x-rays, and determine the correct course of action. Since your oral health is an important part of your total health you should call Rekos & Border Oral Surgery today at (614) 764-9455.
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