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Caring For a Loose Tooth Until Your Oral Surgeon Can Examine It

Posted on 4/23/2018 by Front Office
Loose Tooth Rekos & Border Oral Surgery OH 43017-7558Caring for a loose tooth until an oral surgeon is able to examine it for you is not a difficult task, it's requires a little more attention to detail than most of us are used to.

Many people feel that once a tooth is loose it is destined to fall out. While this is true for baby teeth, it is not as accurate in regard to permanent teeth, which can be saved if they are taken care of, even when they are loose.

Keeping Your Loose Tooth

A tooth can become loose for a number of reasons. Maybe you got hit in the mouth or got into a minor accident. Perhaps you are battling gum disease and your gums are starting to recede. Whatever the reason is for the tooth being loose, there are things that can be done to help save the tooth.

Make sure to keep food away from the loose tooth and do not chew anything hard or sharp, as this can dislodge the loose tooth from the area. You want to keep the area clean and eat soft foods. Drinking from a straw should also be avoided, as this creates suction in your mouth, which could loosen the tooth more.

This is especially true if the gum around the tooth is bleeding or if the tooth is in the front of the mouth. Obviously, you want to get in to see an oral surgeon right away to see what can be done to save your tooth.

If you have a loose tooth, or teeth, contact our office to schedule an appointment to meet with our oral surgeons today. We will examine your mouth and determine what can be done to save your tooth.

We will also determine which factors played a role in why the tooth became loose to begin with and create a plan to prevent more teeth from becoming loose.
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